Fallen Angel Review for Portal 2901, Part 2: As the story opened, it was sad
how Fiman was reliving the past with many of his friends who were no longer alive, while
in reality he was in a space ship traveling to an unknown world. The way Fiman and his
friends took their chances at a possible new life on a chance that the ship could rewrite their DNA to
keep them alive. The new species they encountered were fascinating and unique.
Fimans ability to interact with many of the species on the world was interesting, but when they
learned that the world was under siege, it took the danger to a new level. As the second
book in the series, the groundwork was written in the first book
allowing the reader a much easier time in following the story line.
Part 2 of Portal 2901
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Another reader wrote this: "You're a good writer. No doubt. Your books are
clean, determinate, well researched and well narrated. I do appreciate your skills.

Single Titles Review of my hard sci-fi ebook, "Portal 2212," Part 1